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Jean Dany Joachim

Poet, Playwright & Author

Cambridge Poet populist 2009 - 2011


Since the Grand jury’s verdict in Ferguson, and other sad events around the country, I have been writing a few Haikus. I suppose that it’s the appropriate poetry form to help me refrain myself from talking too fast, spitting out sadness, fear, rage, or frustration as well as keeping my dignity as a human being. I truly believe that conversations can take us to the next level. There are so many unheard experiences that can be used as healing opportunities. Let's talk. Let's listen more. I believe that conversations can take us to the next level.

Jessica Lander

Teacher and Writer 


For the past four years, I have taught  as far away as Thailand and Cambodia and as close as Charlestown and Cambridge, MA.  I write often about my classes and about the places I live.  This year, returning to school as a student at Harvard's Graduate School of Education, my thoughts have turned to the future, to possibilites.  But the recent events made me want to act now and add my voice to the necessary conversations about reaching for greater justice, and to try to encourage others in our community to do the same. 

Taken by Randy Goodman

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